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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Life This Week


Just as everyone promised, the second trimester hit and my zombie-like tendencies of pregnancy that made me hole up in my bedroom like some sort of Elizabethan invalid have passed.

This was shortly followed by ravenous hunger – the hunger I'd feel after running two miles and needing a Caesar salad with chicken and bread (just, plain bread) more than I'd care to admit; strange dreams about my 35-week pregnant friend's baby holding my finger through her round stomach; and the tiniest flutters I can't yet determine if they are baby's movements or stomach settling.

I'm also learning this strange new emotion that comes from missing someone I haven't met yet. My curiousity is brimming over and I can't help but wonder what this little one will look like and become. It's a marvelous and simultaneous dreadful anticipation.


At work, I've had two opportunities to hear from distinguished military leaders. One was an Admiral at the Pentagon during 9/11. The other was a founding member of the U.S. Delta Force and lead soldiers through the battle civilians know as Black Hawk Down.

My prayer through every job I've had, be it at a preschool, restaurant, grocery store, or my very grown up public relations gig, is that no matter my attitude, joys or inevitable dissatisfaction in each role, that I'd learn all that I could from each.

Learning about leadership from men who have stood on the literal front-lines of combat zones and terrorist attacks is how I'm absorbing all that I can in my current position.


A girlfriend invited me to cheesecake and coffee. This was amazing on so many levels because a. I really admire said friend and have a blast talking about anything with her and b. who could ever say "no" to cheesecake?

I've been trying to soak up little moments like these with my friends and husband the past few months because, though I know I'm about to step into a new season of fun and bewilderment with a newborn, I also feel a slight tugging of mourning for this come-and-go-as-we-please part of our lives. I know that in six months the moments I'll have with friends without the background noise of worrying about my little one, or even longing for them, will be rare. If existent at all.

Life this week is simple, thankful – and in spite of big news for our nation – hopeful. How was your week?


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