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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Prayer for the People in the Thick of It

Where are you today?

I'm in a slow, in-between season.

So many of these life phases are met with a taffy pulling in-between. A place where there is level ground. A place where there is only residual momentum from a flash-bang season, or none at all.

A place where you show up to your everyday world, pray your car starts, pray against traffic and hope for green lights. It's a place of predictability and almost-certainty. Where the divots in your day, a speed bump, a chest cold come as a complete surprise. A shock to the system.

Our friends and family ask what's new? And our blank stares serve as our replies.

Nothing is new. Not really. The novelty of this season has worn and stretched into comfortable. Like a pair of tried and true blue jeans.

Same job. 

Same relationships. 

Same grocery lists. 

Same apartment. 

Same running route.

Same habits and pursuits.  

This isn't a bad situation in and of itself. I know people in different seasons of life who would beg for normal. Whose work schedules leave them striving for pockets of time to have a social life. Whose lives as mothers or military spouses leave them in a state of anything but normalcy.

Whose diagnosis, depression, divorce, you-name-it, would have them leap at the chance for one minute to pass over them. Normal. Predictable.

But then there are those who have projects or fabulous careers that are launching them into a world of exciting opportunities, speaking gigs, music deals and Instagram followers.

But for the rest of us, there is the thick, slow season. 

Where the work we do plateaus. Where nothing really changes in a culture that seems addicted to change. In a world that stammers at the thought of contentedness. In a nation that bulks at the idea of wanting simple. Of being faithful stewards of the normal in our lives without wanting a better, newer model.

Without wanting a better, newer life.

It's not a jealousy that plagues at all. Not really. I know that this season won't stay still forever. That I've come out from a huge life-change. It's just a general wondering, really. What is it that makes the people unlock such phenomenal levels of person-dom?

I know that God is at work in the normal, still waters of our lives as he is in the seasons of riot, chaos and clutter. He's the God of the brilliant just as He is of those who wait, hands clasped, for further instruction.

Who stay the course.

He is the God of the patient -- or those seeking patience -- and He reigns through the questions. The still, the ordinary and the regular.

photo credit: still life via photopin (license) 


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