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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Thankful for the Extra Second

Last night the world changed again.

What frightens me the most is that you can go a whole day thinking that your little garden of 24 hours will play out a certain way. You'll come home from work, you'll go to the grocery store to pick up wine and risotto for dinner, you'll go to a concert...

You make your lists. You check them twice. You complain that this world of adulthood is too hard. Too scheduled.

Then a team of orchestrated terrorists decides to end it all.

And your world, your time-garden is destroyed. All because you wanted to have a fun night on on the town. All because you wanted to run a marathon, catch a movie, work at a military recruitment office, go to class or simply go to church for a weekly Bible study.

It can all come to a violent, spiraling end.

Last night I held my husband in my arms and prayed. Knowing he's a service member. Knowing this is our temporary home. Knowing that it could all change at the hands of evil and torment. Knowing that he isn't really mine to begin with.

I squeezed him for an extra second for the future. So that I'll always know that when I have the opportunity to hold onto him for another moment, another moment, another moment, I will.

We should all reach for those extra seconds. 

Because last night there were wives who lost their husbands. Mothers who lost their children. Who would give it all away for an extra second.

For those who didn't get their extra second. I am deeply sorry.

For those who have them, take them. Reach. Enjoy. Love. And pray for those who've seen them lost.

photo credit: Galliano Show via photopin (license)

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