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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Today, We Grieve

Today is no day for social issues.

It's not a day for politicians - with their (maybe?) well, but ill-timed intentions - to get a hokey-pokey right or left leg up on the left or right side.

It's not a day for a conversation about race. Or feminism. Whether or not mother's should bare their breasts in public. Or a day to celebrate dogs. Or Josh Duggar. Or Ashley Madison. Or Planned Parenthood.

Today is a day for grief.

Today is a day to hold each other close. Today is a day to remember that life is fragile. Death is serious.

It's a day to remember that none of this is a flash in the pan, a blip on a social media platform. A voyeuristic video.

This is not a day to be fake nice. To write pseudo-encouraging, high and mighty comments (or blog posts) to prove how well-developed and educated and reformed you are. This is not a day for trolling. Or pointing a finger at trolls. Trying to reason with the trolls.

There will be no social issues here. Not today.
There will be no stomach twisting arguments. No wringing out of a dirty dish rag, absorbed with white guilt, racism, disagreements, the-way-I-see-its, and acts of swift, curt, illegitimate, lunacy.

This is a day to remember that you could be doing your job one day. You could be pursuing your dream. And someone could, at any moment, end it all.

It's a day for respect. It's a day for memorial.

It's a day to shut up if you can't get along with the rest of the world. Just one day.

There will be plenty to argue about tomorrow.

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