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Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Year Without Resolutions

Every year, it's this year that's going to be different.

This is the year I will lose thirty pounds.

This is the year I will be intentional about my finances.

This is the year I will stop ordering entire pizzas to my apartment at 11 p.m. (See above.)

This is the year I will finish my novel.

Run a marathon.

Moderate my caffeine intake. (Forget it, I don't have a problem). Because where there is coffee there is liberty.

And perhaps stop bending scripture quotes into quips about coffee or sometimes harder drinks.

And every year I start out by peeling back the bed sheets, both feet firm on the floor determined.

It's different, different today. A different year and a whole new me.

Then hours, sometimes minutes later those little vows I made to myself seem less shiny. Less attainable. Less fun. For instance, this morning I've already had three cookies and two cups of coffee.


But this year it is different. It's all changing. Because this year I'm making no resolution except to be more resolute.

You might say those two words are exchangeable. I agree, they'd make a darling couple.

But one word seems like it was born out of the other. Like those Russian dolls that pop out from each other, smaller and smaller at each round. Yes, resolution is the larger word. And resolute is born from it. That anchoring word that evokes purpose, and unwavering determination.

Yes. This is the year I will abstain from resolving and am going pedal to the floor, full force into the word resolute.

I will be resolute with my vows to my husband.

I will be resolute in the search for my purpose and calling.

In my commitments to my friends and dear family members. The ones who have shaped and molded my life. The ones who will stand beside me as I begin the crazy, scary and all-things-wonderful adventure of creating a new family. A table for two that will grow and grow.

An outpouring of love. Like the Russian dolls that give and give and give from the very cavern of themselves eight or even ten levels deep.

I will be resolute in my purchase of Keurig cups. Because, you know? This bird you'll never change.

I will be, for the first time in years, resolute in my vows to follow Christ. Making up for all of those times I let the words to Oceans tumble out of my mouth without much thought or action behind them. Lead me where my trust is without borders.

But most of all, I will be resolute in the fact that no matter the changes the year brings, no matter the trials or triumphs–hopefully through triumph after triumph–that I am a child of God. And that nothing, no struggle with doubt, no fist fight with cynicism, no glaring fumbles of the church or a group of people could change that.

Happy 2015, dear friends.

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Suzie Jay said...

Sounds almost like my blog this week haha.. Must be a year for no resolutions :)

Elaine said...

This is great! But can you please keep on bending scripture quotes to be about coffee and harder drinks? Cause that sounds HILARIOUS! ;)

Diwakar said...

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Anonymous said...

I love how you said it though - I'm resolving to be more resolute. Simple. Lovely. Effective.

Wishing you the best!

Unknown said...

I enjoyed your post. Resolutions are daunting. I think your way is remarkable.

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