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Friday, September 6, 2013

finding community: how letting your guard down can build a beautify church body

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Hey sistahs! Exciting things happening in the MWWF world! There are some changes in the works, and I'm about to burst--I can't wait to share them with you! But, all in good time.

Today, I'm guest-blogging for my friend Charity. Here's a little sneak peek below...


It finally happened. I finally outstretched my hands during a worship service.

It was such a mystery to me before. Probably because I grew up as a little Presbyterian girl.

We didn’t grow up holding each other’s hands or hugging strangers. And that still creeps me out a bit.

I’ve never quite understood the people who claim themselves as “huggers” and wrap their arms around someone whose name they’ve just learned.

No thank you. Handshakes are just fine for introductions. (I’m not an Ice Queen by any means. I like hugging people I know. I’m just not always fully committed to the idea of going full-frontal with an acquaintance just yet.)

Read the rest of my guest post on Clarity with Charity.

Did ya'll have a good week?

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