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Thursday, March 7, 2013

we're gunna need a bigger boat

Writing happens in several stages. It's a distant cousin to grief in that way. There's the muse stage; where you dip your bucket into a friendly, infinite well of ideas. It's a rare stage. It usually comes at at very odd times (two a.m., anyone?). And you're surprised, and maybe even a little delighted by what little old you can hoist from the deep, rich oil rigs of your mind.

Then there's anger; when the cursor keeps blinking on a blank page. And it won't ever stop. And you take it personally (if you look at it long enough, it almost seems like it's cussing you out).

Then there's the rewriting phase. A phase I frequently find myself in. There was a note in a news story I had written earlier this week saying that I needed to restructure one of the paragraphs of the piece.

"Sounds a little negative," the note said. "Let's rephrase this."

It kind of seems like my "glass-half-empty" mentality transcended onto this platform with Monday's post. An old girlfriend reached out to me on Facebook, saying that the post made her think about her prayer life---and don't get me wrong, I was thrilled and incredibly humbled.

I was really hoping the chaotic carousel of our daily requests of God would slow as a result.

But, I don't think it sparked any particular kind of encouragement. Makes sense. After all, what does pointing out faults or selfishness really do if there's no thought or voice calling against the throng of this prayer mentality?

And really what good is change if all it does is walk alongside the problem and complain about it? I don't want to be first oars-woman in a boat that's caught up in a current, singing some sad, folksy version of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," about the unhappy fate of myself and everyone else I'm rowing with in tandem.


If there's a problem in the boat, I want to get out of it. Abandoning ship doesn't require complaining. Or even talking (unless you're screaming "CANNON BALL" at the top of your lungs, in which case it's completely appropriate).

Monday's post complained with the problem. And today, I'd like to open the dialogue of how to change.
So, let's share with one another and get out of this boat together.

Ladies, if you don't mind sharing, how do you conduct your prayer life?

If you do happen bark your "prayer orders" at God, like I am inclined to, how do you change? How do you pray for others? How do you pray for yourself (that's important, too!)? What do you thank God for? 


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