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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

it's what we do, and I'm glad you're here

Last Wednesday was a pretty big day for me.  It was a buy a new suit (a black skirt suit, of course), black pumps and wear the pearl necklace that my Dad gave me for my eighteenth birthday sort of big day.

I was nervous.  Not the bad sort of nervous, like the kind of nervous you get when you're going to the dentist or checking your work e-mail after a week-long vacation.  I was the sort of nervous that makes you giddy and smiley.  It makes me talk with my hands a lot.  And act kind of like a cheerleader.

Ready?  Okay!

I told my friend, who works with me at a local inn, that I was nervous about my big day.  I had a bunch of jerking, panic-filled questions for him.  They flew out of my mouth quickly like the way thread moves on a cloth through a sewing machine.

"What if I don't give off a good impression?  What if they hate me?  What if I can't engage in any sort of conversation that's interesting or intelligible?"

The worst self-defeating question being, "What if I can't 'sell' myself?"

My friend looked down at me (not because he's better or smarter, but because he is quite tall) and said plainly:

"This is what we do."

He said a bunch of other things about how we're both communicators.  And how the hospitality industry and communication industry are both nearly the same.  He reminded me that I've studied writing for six years, and if I've mastered the craft of selling $200.00 bottles of wine in a restaurant, I could surely muster the strength to say good things about my qualifications as a communicator.

It was the most simple advice.  Because this is what we do.

I realized this morning, however, that this may be what I do but I certainly haven't done it here.  On this forum.  If I were treating this blog like it were my job as a hospitality employee, I would make sure you felt welcome.  I'd usher you in, like you're a part of something when you read these words.  I'm supposed to create something lovely so that you'll want to return.

I haven't done that, yet.

So, thank you for being here.  And welcome!  Welcome back.  I'm glad you're taking time out of your day to read these words.

And I hope you'll return.

Until then, happy Tuesday!


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