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Monday, April 18, 2011

this is just the sort of trite thing this blog needs

The scene: My front porch on a bright, sunny day in Virginia Beach.

I was painting my fingernails Sally Henson's "Red Zin" and talking to my friend Barbara about the woes of this final week of our first year at Regent.  

A call beeps in - it's my neighbor - I politely ignore the call.  The girl talk was too good on the other end, I'll call him back.

As I continued to stroke my nails a deep red, I hear footsteps marching up the steps to my apartment.  It's my neighbor.  He signals me to get off the phone and follow him.

"Hold on!" I mouth to him, trying to listen to Babs.

"My neighbor is getting rid of his kitchen table, do you want it?"

I did.

I quickly hung up the phone and followed him to his neighbor's apartment. 

After a quick inspection and writing a one-hundred dollar check my seven month long quest to find a kitchen set is complete.

And the best part?

It totally has fruit painted on it.

Oh yeah, baby!

Happy Monday (what's left of it!)




Kaleena J. said...

haha AWESOME!!

Tom said...

Trite. very trite.

Brett W. Tubbs said...

Tom, don't be jealous of my AWESOME SAUCE table.

I'm being ironic.

Kaleena, this table was the deal of a lifetime :)

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