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Monday, March 21, 2011

my love for my job is continuing to surge

It's my job that I had to go to a wine tasting all day today at the Williamsburg Winery.


Some things I learned today during class had nothing to do with wine.  For instance I learned that in a group setting there will always be the following:

1. One snobby guy/gal who asks all of the obnoxiously, pseudo-intellectually structured questions.

2. The not-so-discrete cell phone buzz.  Usually with an embarrassing ringtone.

3. The table of the black sheep.  Usually where I am sat.

4.  The female who is inappropriately dressed.  Really, who confuses "business casual" with a short, tube-top dress?

5. People just here for the free wine and dinner.

6. The "stand out" guy who tries desperately to be funny. 

The other things I learned had to do with wine...kind of.

"There's only so much you can do with a fruit loop."
-Matthew Meyer, Wine-making 101

"God, I do love yeast.  They basically eat, sleep, have sex and die...they reproduce like crazy."

"I am a champagne whore."

"People will be like, 'is the wine ready to drink?' and then they'll say 'Yeah, as soon as I get the cork out of it I will be..."
-Phil Pratt, director of school of wine

Beautiful pinot noir we tasted.

 A little beef portion we paired with our wines.

The sixty degree wine cellar.  My coworkers and I dipped out of the tour early.  We were being too disrupted, and they needed a smoke break.

I learned that in the days of ancient Greece, wine was like the Starbucks of its time. 

I also learned that tasting a good wine is like poetry for your palette.  As a lover of words, I very much enjoyed drumming up adjectives to describe each wine we tasted:






So much fun.

Happy Monday!


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