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Monday, March 28, 2011

ah, the benefits of cleaning are so clear to me now

As I was nesting my new apartment - you know, the new new apartment the folks at the Regent student housing were so good to force me to move into - I stumbled upon some encouragement from a dear, dear friend of mine I so desperately needed to read.

You are singing and dancing on the yellow brick road the Lord has set before you.  May your Emerald City be your eternal home and may the song of your heart encourage any (strange) characters the Lord leads you to along the way.

"Resurgence Betty" is becoming "Regent Brett" come Friday.  Continue to walk as He leads.  The Lord is working in you and through you, Brett Wilson.  Be reminded of His presence, of His faithfulness, and of His sense of humor as you enter into this new season.

My friends are so incredible.  Thank you, my sister (you know who you are) for your beautiful words.  They were written nearly eight months ago, but they still impact me today.  They will continue to be displayed on my new office wall.

Happy Monday!


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