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Monday, March 28, 2011

welp, everyone I know is awesome


hey everyone! come see how domesticated I am!

Today was a day of cleaning, errands and cooking.  Adulthood is becoming more independent and less lonely.  It's a good feeling.

So, tonight I decided to take a stab at my mom's famous tortellini soup, with my own twist, of course.

Start by boiling 4 quarts of water.
Add a small palmfull of salt and a teaspoon of olive oil.
Add your package of cheese tortellini and cook for 7 minutes.
Drain the pasta.

Then heat 3 cans of chicken broth.
Add 3 tomatoes, 1/2 chopped onions and about a handful of raw spinach.
Bring to your desired temperature (I typically like my hot liquids to burn the enamel off my gums).

Put in the tortellini and voila!

The finished product is quite delicious if I do say so myself.  And I had a surprise visitor stop by and take part in my culinary spurt.  Hooray!
Also, I wouldn't be me if some catastrophe didn't happen in the kitchen.  Somehow I managed to scrape by and only catch my oven mitt on fire. 

It's fine.

Happy Monday...again!


ah, the benefits of cleaning are so clear to me now

As I was nesting my new apartment - you know, the new new apartment the folks at the Regent student housing were so good to force me to move into - I stumbled upon some encouragement from a dear, dear friend of mine I so desperately needed to read.

You are singing and dancing on the yellow brick road the Lord has set before you.  May your Emerald City be your eternal home and may the song of your heart encourage any (strange) characters the Lord leads you to along the way.

"Resurgence Betty" is becoming "Regent Brett" come Friday.  Continue to walk as He leads.  The Lord is working in you and through you, Brett Wilson.  Be reminded of His presence, of His faithfulness, and of His sense of humor as you enter into this new season.

My friends are so incredible.  Thank you, my sister (you know who you are) for your beautiful words.  They were written nearly eight months ago, but they still impact me today.  They will continue to be displayed on my new office wall.

Happy Monday!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

the depressed dames playlist

No profound thoughts of the day.   Just some tuneage I've put together.

No tables tonight, I was a happy camper nonetheless.  Why?  Because I somehow still managed to swipe a cannoli before "pasta night" was quite through. 

Also I'm home in time for tonight's episode of 30 Rock.  Boom.

Happy Thursday! 


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The problem with people who have no vices is that generally you can be pretty sure they’re going to have some pretty annoying virtues

It's never a happy Wednesday when you wake up to this.

A lot of Liz is going to be on my Netflix queue for the next few weeks.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

this week's "you go girl" moment is brought to you by patsy cline

It's not me. 

It's you.

This song has been on my "stuck in my head" playlist for the last week or so.  Perfect to listen to while sitting on my front porch with a cup of Chick-fil-a sweet tea. 

Go ahead, give it a try.  You know you want to.

Crazy... I mean...Happy Tuesday!


Monday, March 21, 2011

my love for my job is continuing to surge

It's my job that I had to go to a wine tasting all day today at the Williamsburg Winery.


Some things I learned today during class had nothing to do with wine.  For instance I learned that in a group setting there will always be the following:

1. One snobby guy/gal who asks all of the obnoxiously, pseudo-intellectually structured questions.

2. The not-so-discrete cell phone buzz.  Usually with an embarrassing ringtone.

3. The table of the black sheep.  Usually where I am sat.

4.  The female who is inappropriately dressed.  Really, who confuses "business casual" with a short, tube-top dress?

5. People just here for the free wine and dinner.

6. The "stand out" guy who tries desperately to be funny. 

The other things I learned had to do with wine...kind of.

"There's only so much you can do with a fruit loop."
-Matthew Meyer, Wine-making 101

"God, I do love yeast.  They basically eat, sleep, have sex and die...they reproduce like crazy."

"I am a champagne whore."

"People will be like, 'is the wine ready to drink?' and then they'll say 'Yeah, as soon as I get the cork out of it I will be..."
-Phil Pratt, director of school of wine

Beautiful pinot noir we tasted.

 A little beef portion we paired with our wines.

The sixty degree wine cellar.  My coworkers and I dipped out of the tour early.  We were being too disrupted, and they needed a smoke break.

I learned that in the days of ancient Greece, wine was like the Starbucks of its time. 

I also learned that tasting a good wine is like poetry for your palette.  As a lover of words, I very much enjoyed drumming up adjectives to describe each wine we tasted:






So much fun.

Happy Monday!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

this week's "you go girl" moment is brought to you by...this girl...

Innocent obliviousness?

Or viral genius?

You be the judge.

Challenge: try not to say "way-ho" when you see the very last shot of the video.


Happy Thursday.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

pursuing pursuit

For the past two years or so of my life, pretty much ever since I finished the book Captivating for the first time, I've decided not to date.  I've decided to wait for the man who comes to me for friendship first, romance second. 

I'm waiting for the man who pursues me.  The perfect fairy tale.  The reserved romance for my life.

I've complained to and with countless girlfriends that there is no such man out there for me/us.  There are few who can simultaneously lead and love.  We, in our young little lives, have come across men who are the product of being chased.  Who are so used to having women come to them, they are hardly categorized as chasers.

I've been discussing this and other relationship ideals with one of my friends here at school.  He described his want for a relationship where he takes the lead. 

"Don't chase me, Brett," he said.  "Slow down. Let me pursue you. It's the man's job to pursue."


Allowing someone to pursue you takes patience.  Patience.

My cup overfloweth with coffee, not patience.

How humiliating.  Here I am trying to be cool and breezy, and all he sees is someone on the hunt.  Someone who likes the chase.  Isn't that the most exciting part about the relationship?  The part in the story that's the most exciting - the climax of the movie?

Then the guy and the girl get together with a kiss at the end.  Then the story is finished, and the words "The End" appear over the screen in fancy calligraphy.


Because the "once upon a time" is so much more interesting than the "happily ever after." 

Isn't it?

We never see Cinderella washing Prince Charming's boxer briefs (he doesn't seem like a whitey-tighties kind of guy).  We are privy to the pursuit.  The ball, the lost slipper, his hunt for his beauty.

We - sweet ladies - have been conditioned for the hunt.

And a lot of relationships turn sour because of this.  We have only allowed ourselves to dream of the chase and not the catch. 

But the thing is, is that a woman with any sense at all would long for a lasting and peaceful relationship.  An exciting adventure with a beginning, middle and never ending until death parts. 

Girlfriends, if you long to be pursued in a Godly romantic way, you need to slow down and have the courage to be pursued. 

Happy Wednesday.


Monday, March 14, 2011

booty girl's nature window

Windows have always been a constant in my life.

I know what you're thinking - what the heck does that mean?

Ever since I was little, coincidentally, my windows have been full of little critters.  Much to my delight, wherever I moved my windows have always been the resting place of spiders spinning webs or little ants marching one-by-one (hoorah!).   Which is particularly lucky, because there's hardly anything I love more than being outside. 

My family calls this the "booty girl's nature window" phenomenon.  Booty-girl, I think I should mention, is a nickname that my family still calls me to this day.  I'm not really sure where or from what it first originated.  But I will say that I am now fully aware of its implications and what the term "booty" means in today's vernacular.

Thankfully, they never call me that in public.

One year a family of wasps made home in my "nature window."  I watched in awe as the big momma wasp circulated and spun and worked and plotted to make her nest for her little baby wasps.

I'm not sure how old I was.  I was in somewhere in the age range of "old enough to know that wasps could harm me," but "young enough to convince myself that I was invincible and that wasp stings probably don't hurt as badly as everyone says."

Finally, I felt compelled to share the latest happenings in "booty girls' nature window" with my dad. 

"Look, Dad!" I said with my bright blue eyes gleaming.  "The baby wasps!  They're about to be born!"

I brought my Dad into my room to show off my findings.  The larvae were wriggling and struggling out of the nest little little worms.

The next thing I knew, my Dad was outside of my window with a can of Raid. 

All the wasps, babies, struggling larvae and momma, fell dead to the bottom of my nature window.  And I was devastated.

I remember my mother coming carefully into my room.  Like many of the little girl dramas, I dealt with this one head on: face down, bawling into my pillow.

She stroked my back and explained to me that wasps were harmful. They were not pets and it didn't matter how much you loved them, they would still try to hurt you. 

"Your Dad is protecting you," said my Mom in a very serious tone.  Bless her for having patience with a daughter who is devastated by the lost of her wasp friends.  I didn't argue.  I just continued to cry hysterically.

"Plus," she said. "You wouldn't want your Daddy to get stung while he was working in the yard, would you?"

I sat straight up in my bed suddenly alarmed by this possibility.  Could my wasps really have tried to hurt my Daddy? 

Oh no

I dried my tears and watched my Dad outside from the now formerly-booty-girl-nature-window.  Those wasps needed to go.  They needed to get out of my window. 

Y'all, isn't our Heavenly Father the same way?  If He eliminates or strips something out of your life, it isn't because he hates you or wants to make you miserable.

It probably made my Dad miserable to watch me cry as a direct result of something he had done.

But he did it out of protection.  Because he knew something I didn't.

God works in the same way.  Any loss or misery we face in our daily lives has a purpose.  God wants to protect us.  He doesn't enjoy taking our pleasures away - but He wants to protect us from heartbreak. 

Sometimes we need God to step in and kill the wasps in our lives.

Happy Monday!


I'm becoming more and more frightened of the choice between the kick ass career and wife/motherhood

Even more so now, especially after I went to Target tonight specifically to purchase my very own copy of Morning Glory.

Here is my life at a glance: I'm just a waitress who occasionally also caters to the interests of a small niche of Christian University students via editing the school's online news publication. 

And I can't seem to make stuff fall into place even now.

Y'all, I can't even give up coffee for 40 days.  Yes, I partook in a catastrophic lent experiment that ended today after a 2 a.m. closing shift at the restaurant, a 9 a.m. wake-up call and one less hour of sleep. 

Sorry, Lord.  Had to do it.

How in the WORLD am I going to make this all work?  Or will I just have to give up on passion for the other? 

Monday.  Just...Monday.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberry

Win of the day?

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

On sale at Food Lion (of all places!) for $8.99.  Who could resist?

I'll leave you with this:

Happy Thursday!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

reason #874 why regent is the best thing that has happened to me (note the urgent subject line)

Y'all.   It's just too beautiful for words.

I obviously e-mailed a reply asking for a french toast bagel.  Duh.

Stir fry night at the restaurant.  Two tables.  Was cut from work at 7:30 p.m.  And made it home in time for Glee, laundry and have time to knock out two papers that I obviously didn't start over break. 

Happy.  So happy.


this week's "you go girl" moment is brought to you by Anna Graceman


I mean, woah.

Her voice is the most intoxicating thing I've heard since Josh Groban.  She has all of the talent of Charlotte Church without the crazy "voice of an angel" claims.

You can tell she's just a bundle of sass.  Love that.

I stumbled upon this video while I was getting lost in the sauce of YouTube.  So many of my friends have uploaded her little sister's video: 5 year old needs a job before getting married.

These girls are going to take over the world.  You heard it here first, people!

Happy Tuesday!


Saturday, March 5, 2011

if I only had a brain

"My head is quite empty but once I had brains, and a heart also; so, having tried them both, I should much rather have a heart."

-Tin Woodman
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, 1909

Happy Saturday!   Y'all, we made it through another week!


Friday, March 4, 2011

buy it if you find me even remotely trustworthy

Christian artist and Dove-winner Francesca Battestelli released her new album, Hundred More Years, this week.

Get it now.

I first became a "Fran Fan" in the summer of 2008 when my boyfriend of three and a half years broke up.  Her song I'm Letting Go was the theme of that summer.  It reminded me to let go of the control I had (or at least, I thought I had) on my life and really let God take the reigns.

Later that year, I made the song Free to be Me my ringtone:

Got a couple dents in my fender
Got a couple rips in my jeans
Try to hold the pieces together
But perfection is my enemy.
And on my own I'm so clumsy,

but on your shoulders I can see -

I'm free to be me.
When my girlfriends and I totaled my best friend's Ford Explorer (named the "Exploder" by her family.  I'll leave it up to your imagination as to why it was named that...) on a trip to New York City that winter my phone was ringing off the hook.  My parents called every five minutes to make sure we were all okay. 

Every five minutes our conversations were interrupted by my phone ringing...

Got a couple dents in my fender...

Got a couple dents in my fender...

Got a couple dents in my fender...

At that moment, my friends did not appreciate the irony of my ringtone and asked me to change it or put my phone on vibrate already.

I didn't care.  I still loved Francesca.

I think the deal was sealed when I heard the news that my parent's godson was to be her keyboardist.  He still travels and performs with her to this day.  Currently stoked that they will both be making a stop in the Norfolk area on March 20th for Winterjam

I'm falling more and more in love with this new release with every passing day.

Happy Friday!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

this week's "you go girl" moment is brought to you by Claudette Colbert

It Happened One Night (1934).

What happened in movies before the Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind.

I read that Claudette had reservations about lifting her skirt.  The director said, "No problem, we'll get you a leg double."  When Claudette saw the girl who was to be her "leg," she immediately agreed to do the scene as originally written. 

She didn't like the look of that other gal's gams.

Also, fun fact: It's rumored that Bugs Bunny was inspired by Clark Gable's performance and carrot eating in this particular scene.  Who knew?

Happy Tuesday!

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