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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Check it out, y'all. 

Sitting on my porch with peanut butter toast and coffee, listening to the Morning Glory soundtrack while simultaneously doing laundry.  I'm so oddly productive when the weather is nice.  Y'all should see the inside of my apartment.  All the stuff I have to keep myself accountable for - like dirty dishes, dirty clothes, crumbs on the rug, they're all taken care of. 

I haven't been procrastinating.  I almost don't even recognize myself.  It's like this baby prelude to the spring just surges within me and makes me want to crank it up a notch or two. 

It also makes me want to blog and exercise more.  Go figure.

It's also days like today that remind me who I am and what I'm here to do.  It's so freeing.

One of my girlfriends, and writers for the Daily Runner -- the small online news publication I am the editor in chief of -- wrote this refreshing article: Ode to Mount Trashmore

Barbara is one of those people who you feel automatically at peace with.  Yesterday, my Regent girlfriends and I were sitting in our mini-documentary class, watching each others interviews.  One of the girls interviewed Barbara on the beach. 

The backdrop was so beautiful - the sun was setting, seagulls were everywhere, and there was Barbara.  Completely free and herself. I was completely captivated by the whole picture.  It was stunning.  Then I immediately became sad.

I don't think I would have looked quite as natural and at peace walking on the beach if someone were interviewing me at this point and time of my life.

I decided then that I, no matter what, would no longer carry tension from the restaurant or school in my shoulders and face any more.  No matter what, I will be free.  I am free. And I will act accordingly.


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Alli said...

Aw, great inspiration. I hope it comes easier to you than expected. Letting go of stress is always difficult for me and I carry things with me for a long time.

How lovely to have warm weather right? Plus you have a beautiful beach to walk on! Bliss.

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