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Monday, January 17, 2011

these are the days

Pure contentment.

Forgive me, faithful friends, for my random drivel, I hope to be lovely and brighten your day.

I'm sitting in my quiet little apartment listening to the Julie and Julia soundtrack, and the rain plit, plit, plit against the large bay window  in my living room.  I'm currently dwelling on how faithful God has been to me over these last few weeks, despite my confusion. 

My apartment is clean, I've just done laundry and read an entire chapter for a class that's not even until Wednesday. 

My neighbor invited me over for chicken and noodles.  It was so nice to be served.  To have the humility to allow someone to take care of my needs and to not always have to be the one to take care of others.

The whole day has been like this.   Calming, relaxing and yet stimulating and exciting all at once. 

I just keep on thinking about how lucky I am to be pursuing my dreams.  To be in a place that encourages my thoughts and goals, and doesn't squelch them, or tell me that I can't do them. 

I have to treasure moments like these, because they don't happen very often.  Every day, I'm pulled in so many directions.  As a journalist I have so many passions and interests that sometimes it's hard to remember who I am beneath it all.

I met on of my friend's fathers last night.  I went over to her house to bake pigs in a blanket for a Christmas party with my coworkers.  He took one look at me and sized me up immediately:

FF (Friend's Father): You must not watch football.
Me: How do yo know?
FF: You're so feminine.

He also could tell I was left handed and said that left handed people have a problem with consistency.  He told me that he is also a lefty, and that sometimes he does wonderful artistic work, and other times it's just not that great.

And I thought to myself, yes.  I have that same problem with consistency.  There are bad days.  The days I get in trouble with my boss for tweeting about the inn, and days when I feel like everyone has some sort of minor critique, something they want to correct about me like my shirt's too wrinkled or my eyebrow is sticking up funny.

But then there are good days.  Days like today when I actually believe in myself.  Days that I both know and feel like the daughter of the King. 

Days when even though it's raining and my I Love Lucy umbrella breaks, life is still so utterly rich and sweet.

Happy Monday!


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Alli said...

Your friend's father sounds interesting. I met a friend's dad once who did character profiling for... CIA? I think.... He could peg people after talking to them for one minute. Yay for taking time to enjoy life! Also way to go on getting ahead on your reading. I'm not exactly behind right now, but if I don't get off this computer immediately I will be. :) Keep following your dreams!

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