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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

there are so many things

...I should be not be doing right now.  Blogging is one of them.

I also should not have stayed up so late and eaten two pieces of Lindt chocolate right before I went to bed.  Hello, nightmare city.  I keep having this reoccurring nightmare where people I serve at the inn ask me over and over again for cherries.  Just plain cherries.  Thousands of cherries.  We of course don't have any, so I keep having to deliver bad news to all the tables I serve. 

I told this nightmare to some of my coworkers and instead of comforting me they started calling me "little cherry."  Delightful.

I have about an hour to drink as much coffee as possible before the start of my spring semester at Regent.  First (and only, praise!) class of the day?  COM 601: Evaluation Methods.

If I have to do any math in this class, I am dropping out. Of school.  I don't care if it's a required course.  I'll just run away.

Side note: Calling spring semester "spring semester" in the dead of winter is one of the most depressing things ever (see photo above).

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

1 comment

Unknown said...

Don't let the cherries get to you. You do a fabulous job, and last night you rocked it! :)

Now..about that beer. ;)

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