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Monday, January 3, 2011

always a bridesmaid

...is alright with me.  Especially if it's always this much fun.  This weekend I had the privilege of walking down the aisle to honor one of my closest and most special friends since the third grade. 

She and her fiance wanted to get married on 1.1.11.  So cute.

And I will forever be grateful for not being obliged to wait tables on New Years Eve - and for getting to wear a pretty red dress. 

And my shoes?  Also red.  Ruby red.  They are safely packed away with the things I'm taking back to Regent with me. 

 We went to a tres delicious barbecue joint for the rehearsal dinner.
Thank goodness her husband didn't have to carry her across this teeny tiny little threshold.  We barely fit through! 

 Two of my favorite people in the entire world.  The bride and T.J.
 So, I'm not allowed to post any pictures from the bachelorette party.  Something to do with the condoms we made the bride put on every time she mentioned her fiance's name.  Which was quite often because his first name is the same as both her brother AND father.  Let's just say, she had a few slip ups.  But, part of the party was a scavenger hunt.  I had to ask five men what their philosophy of marriage was.  Aside from the "Forever faithful and never alone" quote by Steven at the top, the world of marriage looks pretty bleak...at least for those of us who didn't get hitched on New Year's day.
 The coolest bridesmaids ever.  How many wedding parties pretend that their wraps are superhero capes and sing "Hakunah Matata" and "The Circle of Life" while waiting to walk down the aisle? 
Kelli, cousin of the bride.  She works a Seaworld.  She's awesome.  'Nuff said? 
 The beautiful bride.  Who knew that skipping Sunday school to walk to 7-11 could lead to such a wonderful and lasting friendship.

My mom, in charge of hair and makeup for the bride, tried to hijack the veil.  Not really.

Hope you all had a happy and blessed beginning to 2011!


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Christy said...

Looks like you had a great time! Happy New Year!

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