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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

you might epitomize bridget jones if...

 Any of the following criterion apply to you:

1.  Look down. Are you wearing turquoise and brown flannel pajamas that your mom got you for Christmas last year?

2.  Are you sipping a cup of earl grey?

3.  Are you attempting to knit a turquoise scarf for a fashionista friend for Christmas that you are convinced you will not be able to finish?

4.  Are you watching reruns of the Nanny on Nick at Nite?

5.  Have you done nothing all day but spend money that you don't have?

6.  Have you within the last 24 hours eaten pizza for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner?

7.  Do you currently own a copy of "O" magazine? 

8.  Do you have a recurring dream about Colin Firth?

9.  Is your clean laundry scattered across your dining room floor - partially because you neglected to fold it and partially because you don't have a dining room table so your "dining" room is more like your "clutter" room?

10.  Do you have dreams worth chasing, which means making a few sacrifices along the way?

Totally Bridget.  Singleton extraordinaire.

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