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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


God bless my coworkers.

It all started when I thought I saw my coworker's green explorer leaving the employee parking lot.  This seemed odd, because this particular person usually works the night shift.  He had been talking about switching and becoming a morning server lately, and I wondered if he had actually ventured over to the "dark side."

So, imagine my surprise when I saw this particular coworker at the hostess stand five minutes after I walked into the building. 

I think the conversation went something like...

Me: Oh, hi.  I'm surprised to see you here.
Coworker: Why?
Me: I thought I just saw you pull out of the parking lot in your car.
Coworker:  You did? My explorer?
Me: Yeah, it's green, right?
Coworker: Right.  Well...I do have to leave one of my doors unlocked.  It'd be funny if someone stole it. 
Me:  Hah, yeah.
Coworker:  Uh...actually you've got me freaked.  Will you watch my tables while I go outside and check to see if it's still there?
Me: Sure!

Coworker grabs his coat off the rack and heads out the door.  I dutifully march into the restaurant and watch over his tables. 

And scene.

Fifteen minutes later, I see this particular coworker walking toward me with one of our security guards.  He was holding a clipboard and looking very concerned.  They were speaking to one another in hushed, reverent tones. 

I looked over at him and said breathily, "Noooo!"

Then my coworker looked me square in the eye, and said, "Yeah, it's not there."

That's right.  His car had totally been stolen.  Right out of our employee parking lot.  In broad daylight.  I immediately started praying.  Oh, dear Lord, please let him find his car!  It hasn't been missing that long, maybe one of his friends was playing a joke on him...
Then the security guard started asking me questions.  What did the driver look like?  What time did you report for work?  When did you see the car pull out?  What road did they turn on?

I answered each question as best as I could.

Then my coworker broke character and started cracking up.  The security guard followed suit. 

They totally got me.  Something about me, I don't know what it is, makes it fun for people to prank.  Oh well.  If he ever cries "wolf," I'm totally not helping him.  Whatever.

My coworker's car, of course, was fine.  And in the two minutes it took to walk from the parking lot to the restaurant, he grabbed the security guard, and they both decided it would be fun to mess with me.

Well played, sir.  Well played. 

Any creative suggestions that won't get me fired, bloggies?  Send them my way! 

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