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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Confession: I know absolutely nothing about wine. 

Before I worked in the restaurant industry I didn't even know that white wine is chilled, and red wine is not.  Even after three months of working full time, that's about the only distinction I can make between the two. 

But while waitressing, my absolute favorite thing to do is present a bottle of wine to a table.


It's so fancy.  And, more importantly/realistically, because I'm a people watcher.  Watching people taste wine is about the most fun I've ever had while people watching.

The guest studies the folder with several dozen pages of our selection with a furrowed, studious brow.  After a moment, they look up and ask in a very intellectual tone for a bottle of the delicious Barboursville Phileo dessert white, or perhaps the Twisted Old Vine Zinfandel. 

I smile, and say, "Yes, right away." Turn, and head to the back of the restaurant where the wine is stored.  I retrieve a crisp, white napkin to drape across my arm, grab enough big, hand-blown wine glasses for the table, and the wine of their choice.  Before I return to the table, I read the label on the back of the bottle, quickly memorizing the date, and place the wine was stored.

I return to the table, place down the glasses and present the bottle to the man or woman who has ordered:

"Sir (or madam), your 2007 Phileo, from Barboursville, Virginia."

I wait for them to say, "Yes."

I skillfully (oh MAN it took me a long time to get this part down) open my wine key, and twist the squiggly screw into the cork and pry the bottle open.  I then pour the wine (label always facing the guest) so that they have just enough to do to the liquid whatever it is people do when they taste wine.

Wait for it...here comes my favorite part.

They (usually) lift the glass to their lips, smell, swirl then tilt the glass forward.  They wait a moment, swallow and set the glass down, looking at its sudden emptiness.  They then look at me and smile if they are satisfied, and I pour a glass-worth into their cup.

This is why I haven't been posting as many entries lately.

Wait, do those ideas even go together?  Oh yes, they certainly do!

See, I like watching people taste wine, because I write and read in the same way.  Writing, blogging and reading are all in the same accord.  They can't be greedily gulped and sputtered like a Pepsi.  You need to take time to sit, ponder and reflect.  You need time to be quiet, to retreat inside the place where only you (and perhaps your most intimate friends or partners) are allowed.

The same thing needs to happen with your relationship with God.  Perhaps this is why I've been struggling slightly to stay afloat, lately.  These things don't come easily, but they come when you wait patiently and quietly for them. 

I don't want to produce Pepsi products in any aspect of my life.  I want it to be meaningful, something of significance and worth.

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