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Thursday, September 30, 2010

workin' hard for the joy (so hard for it, honey)

I run into some very interesting people working in a restaurant.  Especially a restaurant within an inn.  People are here on vacation: they're here to relax.  Therefore they don't just want good food and service, they want to know all about my personal life.

Every day I'm asked questions like "Are you a student?" "Do you have a boyfriend?" "Where are you from?" and my personal favorite "What is 'Brett' short for?"  To which I happily reply, "Nothing.  Short for 'Brett.' You know, like 'Madonna,' 'Cher,' 'Shakira?' I'm just Brett."

The other night I was asked what my future endeavors are by a law student who was studying in the corner of the restaurant.  I told him that I was a grad student in the journalism program, and that so far, I was interested in doing some reporting, or news anchoring.

He looked at me with one of those future-successful-lawyer-smiles.  You know the ones I mean?  The smiles that seem to say, "I've got you all figured out." Not in a mean way, just as fact of matter.

"You're not going to make any money," he said.
As soon as those words flew from his mouth, I said "That's not what it's all about."

What I really wanted to say was..."So...?"

I'm not afraid of being poor, according to America's standards.  Otherwise I'd be living in constant fear.  I won't even go into how in some countries, simply owning a car of any make, model or year is a symbol of royalty.

What I am worried about is being poor in spirit.

It has been raining like crazy in Virginia beach today.  So much more than cats and dogs - it looks like straight milk is falling from the sky.

This morning I watched as my neighbor from downstairs carried his child in the rain and ran around a tree in the courtyard.  The child had this look of utter confusion on his face - the father was hooting and hollering as he made another venture into the rain.  His wife laughed and flirtily swatted at him with a dish rag - pretending to be annoyed that he was getting her child wet.

It was a beautiful moment to witness.

That right there.  Those moments, full of life in spirit: that's what I would like to be rich in.  You, Mr. Future Lawyer, can keep your green paper.  I'm seeking after priceless valuables.  I'm seeking after joy.



Michael Curylo said...

ha... the law student smile... ha!

Michael Curylo said...
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Brett W. Tubbs said...

Haha, you know it well, Michael? It's intimidating to be smiled at like that :)

Erica said...

brett! i love this! thank you for this post!

Anonymous said...

Always fresh.
Always sassy.
Always Biblical.
Always Mosby.

Love this blog post. Love you.
"Raining milk..." Sick but good.

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