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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

wild at heart

"Safe?  Who said anything about being safe? 'Course he isn't safe.  But he's good."-C.S. Lewis


Lately I've been dwelling on the differences between men and women.  I know, I know, there's an original thought.  I've spent the past few days reading John Eldridge's Wild at Heart - and let me just say, I'm in love.

I, along with hundreds of thousands of other Christian, twenty-something women, have read Captivating (a book about the woman's heart, written by Eldridge and his wife Stasi), but never had I tried to unveil for myself what was happening "on the other side of the tracks" - so to speak.  Captivating was easy.

 I've grown up knowing that I want to be loved, that I want to be beautiful.  I was the little girl with long, curly hair twirling in her favorite, poofy dress.  They nailed it.  Perfectly pinpointed the desires of my heart.

But, men on the other hand, what's more a man's heart?  Never quite wrapped my mind around it, or even made the effort to figure it out.  But the difference was displayed for me quite plainly a few weeks ago.

A friend and I met in the Regent Village laundry room one evening (he was reading Captivating by the way --- which, I confess is partially what persuaded me to purchase Wild at Heart after I saw him earnestly trying to understand the opposite sex).  It was a beautiful night, so a walk around the apartment complex was definitely in order.

We'd been walking, wandering, for about an hour when we saw this beautiful fox come running toward us.  I was in awe, I had never seen a fox in person before.  We stood very quietly, as the fox ran gracefully, ever-near.

And, here, right here, is where I discovered the difference between men and women.  Are you ready?

My first reaction to the fox was girlish delight: "Oh my GOSH! Look!  A fox!"

His first reaction to the fox was skepticism/caution: "Stand back," he said as he outstretched his arms.  "He could be rabid.  If he comes any closer, I'm going to pick you up and put you over the chain-linked fence."

I just stood there, quite stupidly, my usual demeanor.  I was in shock.  It was just a fox.  But he saw a potential threat, and his immediate reaction was to protect.

He clapped his hands together.  The loud snap echoed and bounced off the walls of the apartment buildings and frightened Mr. Fox away. I smile when I think about that brief moment that interrupted our walk that night.

It is that, that protection, that thrill of danger, that I am discovering through reading this book.  What's more, I'm also learning about the "wild" side of God.  It's challenging to think about, especially since all of these years he's been the nurturing, blessing-giving God.  I've never really thought that I served an adventure-seeking, dangerous, thrilling Lord.

This should be the start of a pretty big adventure.

-Brett Elizabeth

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Sarah Ann said...

I love this. It's wonderful! And I see that you're reading Beth Moore. What an amazing book!

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