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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

here are a few of my (new) favorite things

1) Watching things grow.  I can't have a pet in my new apartment, so I'm one of those "plant ladies" now.  As you can probably tell from the seeds, these will be sunflowers. 

2) Mums (JMU mums to be more specific).  Their upkeep is easy, and HELLO, they're purple and gold.  I got them for $4.99 at the local Farm Fresh. 

3) Every year I come back from the Dominican Republic with a new obsession.  The first year it was mangoes.  Last year it was mariposas (butterflies).  This year I have added the avocado to my list.  The ones I pick out from the Farmer's Market will never be quite as good as the ones we plucked off the trees  in Santo Domingo. 

4) Visitors from home.  Even when brief.  There's nothing like a good soul-bond session with the girls that you love to put things into perspective. 

5) Big Sam's Inlet Cafe and Raw Bar
Now, I don't know if anyone of you has ever experienced a mouthgasm before.  This restaurant got my taste buds off.  I had the best crab cake sandwich of my life there.  Their fries were pretty superb too.  It's right off I-264 and is located on the waterfront.  I strongly suggest checking out this local hot spot if you are ever in the Virginia Beach area.
6) Public speaking.  Who knew? 

7) Finally, the people at Regent.  Today I played ping-pong for a solid half-hour with a freshman boy that I had never met.  Where else on earth could anyone do that?  I think there is a feeling of security knowing that everyone here has something very important and special in common.

What are some new fun discoveries you've made?

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