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Friday, July 9, 2010

quien so yo?

"I won't find what I am looking for
if I only "see" by keeping score.  'Cause I know now you are so much more than arithmetic.  'Cause if I add, if I subtract...If I give it all, try to take some back...I've forgotten the freedom that comes from the fact that you are the sum.  So you are the one I want."
-Brooke Fraser, Arithmetic

Let me begin by saying, I cannot believe it is that time of year again.  The time when I pack my big purple suitcase (lovingly named "Barney") and head for the Dominican Republic.
The time when I try to cram as much broken Spanish into my vernacular as possible so that I may at least partially participate in this ministry.  The time when I wish with all of mi corazon (see? I do try!) that I could relish the rest of my life in rich missions.  That I would be anointed by my Lord to spread love and life to other nations.  To be a blessing to His Kingdom.

A whole year has gone by.

This trip is my yearly wake-up call.  And even though I have experienced the beauty of this country and their loving and welcoming hearts twice before, these experiences are shamefully easy to be swept away in the depths of my mind.  Only to be dwelt upon when I am in the purest of places (which, by the way, is still not so pure, and not so often).

Perhaps lessons from the Lord are like lessons in arithmetic.  And, arithmetic is something that I struggle with. never was good at math.  I was strictly a literary baby.  I forget.  I forget algorithms.  I forget sin and cosin.  Even on occasion, I forget the most basic multiplication tables.  I'm sure that if I drilled them into my hopeless brain, I would remember their use and purpose.  But, I mean, why were calculators even invented if we weren't allowed to forget these things?

But there is no calculator for God.  You can't cheat your way through your lessons.  You can't take an easy way out.  These lessons I have learned can't be forgotten.  The must not be forgotten.  The must be drilled into my mind and my heart so that I may be reminded each day I wake up that I am a child of God and that I am seeking His glory and renown, not my own.

I'm just thankful that I have the privilege of being reminded of this annually.  I'M SO EXCITED!

Blog ya later!


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Leesh said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip! Be safe and I loovveee youuu!

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