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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

let my love be your blue skies

This past week I was fortunate enough to spend some quality time with my favorite beach (and my favorite girls): the Outer Banks.  Look!  There we are - on our eighth attempt of a "High School Musical-jumping" picture.  A nice, all-American man and his wife (clad in every sort of red, white and blue thing imaginable, and some Harley Davidson apparel) offered to take photos of us.  All of them look like this.

Walt Disney can talk all he wants, the OBX is the happiest place on earth.  There is something about cranking the GLEE soundtrack to the max, rolling down the windows, letting the wind tangle your hair and smelling the salty air that is so cathartic.  If you're suffering any sort of depression or feeling of worthlessness, I humbly suggest you try that winning combination before you shell out thousands for therapy.  Just sayin', it works wonders. 

Furthering my obsession, Clinique has not yet matched the perfect "beachy" smell.  There's nothing better.  They tried on an episode of Seinfeld once, remember?  It was Kramer's idea.  He may have been a nut, but he was right about that one thing, I suppose.

My wonderful friends and I sat on our hotel's deck every morning and did our quiet times together.  Let me just say that is the way the Bible should be read: On the beach with friends.  The first day we were there, I found myself conveniently not reading scripture, and spacing out.

I was thinking about how seeing, quite frankly, isn't believing.

Like, what do I mean?

I mean, I was staring out into the beautiful blue ocean.  Captivated by the white capsules tumbling to the surface of the water, then weaving back to the depths of the sea.  I looked out into the vast - and there it was.     And, of course, I know that the ocean doesn't go on forever.  But, it goes so much further than what I could see.  But, my eyes created a horizontal line in the distance.  My own eyes had to create some sort of boundary, some ending to this ocean that goes on much further than I could ever begin to imagine.

I was reminded of a time I was coloring a picture in the first grade.  I drew a straight green line for the grass, then about three-fourths of the way up on the page, a straight blue line.  There was a big hunk of white space in the middle.  My teacher, Mrs. Tuck, walked by my desk and told me that the sky doesn't just begin.  It's not a line, it is all around us.

I colored in the white space with my robin's egg blue crayon, but I still didn't understand how the sky could fill up all of that white space.

It was the same when I was looking at the ocean. My finite mind couldn't for one second believe that the ocean continued, even as it rolled there before me.  It's the same with God, I suppose.  He shows himself to me daily, but I've never physically witnessed His own splendor.  His own being.

And you know, if I did I wouldn't live to tell about it.  Secondly, I probably couldn't believe it.  Some things are better left to the imagination.  Although, God is so much more magnificent than what we could ever begin to create in my mind.



Christy said...

Beautiful post! Sounds like a great trip!

Elisa said...

I love LOVE this example and picture that you draw about the ocean and God's infinity. Lovely lovely lovely.<3u*~eli

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