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Thursday, June 3, 2010

in the good old summertime

This movie is the cutest.  It was made before the words, "You've Got Mail," were ever uttered in a robotic, computer generated tone.  It was made in the time when letters were the fashion.  Can you imagine?  Letters.  There is something so personal about letters.  I strongly believe that the most unique thing about a person is their handwriting.  Think about it.

We're all confined to numbers for our pants or shoe size.  We're blondes, or brunettes or redheads.  We all fit into categories.  Even people who desperately try to break these categories are in the category of "people trying to break categories."  But, handwriting, you can't categorize that.  It's not like the internet.  There are millions of blogs that have "georgia" as their "handwriting."  But, you can't categorize handwriting.  Sure, you can say that someone's letters are sans serif (mine are adequately serifed).  You can say they're loopy, or intertwiney.  But you can't categorize handwriting.  You can't copy it.  It, like blood, rushes from your fingertips onto a page.

That's why letter writing is so romantic.  It's like sending a little piece of your soul.

 I get so excited when mail comes for me.  It must be something about seeing my name in print, I think.  What a rush.  So, you can imagine, if I had some stranger writing, professing his love to me, how excited I would be.  This movie captures and melds my two obsessions: mail and music.

It's about a man and a woman sending love letters to one another.  In reality, they are arch enemies.  But in the world where letters fly from one hand and into another, they were lovers.

Meg and Tom, don't get me wrong, I love your movie.  It's one of my favorites.  But, you understand.  You just sang one song in your movie.  This is the original You've Got Mail, and it's a musical.  So, sorry.  You lose this race.  You'll still get a nice, yellow "participants" ribbon for your trouble, though.

Why do I write this?  No idea.  I just saw this clip on YouTube, yet another of my obsessions, and thought it pertained well to my attitude.  It's no secret how much I love Judy Garland.  It's so fun when you discover that your favorite, glamorous movie star has a freak flag.

She remind you of anyone, here?



Manda said...

Totally understand... love the "written" word in any form. Snail Mail needs to make a come back.

Brett W. Tubbs said...

Manda, I couldn't agree more. What's better than someone writing to you? Beyond romantic!!

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