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Sunday, June 20, 2010

the faja, you know, the dad

"Fathers, be good to your daughters.  Daughters will love like you do."

To the man who never fails to show me how much I am loved and how beautiful he thinks I am.  To the man who, every year, would stuff straw in his flannel shirt to escort a Dorothy in little red, plastic shoes as Scarecrow from door to door on Halloween.  To the man who plays hymns most every Sunday morning on our piano.

To the man who loves his Venti (iced or regular) coffee from Starbucks and his Tootsie-Roll pops.  The man who dips into the pool every night without fail.

He's the man who taught me everything I know about technology and literature.  The man who can kick everyone's bootay at scrabble, and crossword puzzles.  He's the one I incessantly quote Seinfeld to.  The one who puts up with my crazy musical singing, and came to every single Into Hymn concert.  He cheered loudest for the Duke Dogs.

He's the man who loves the Lord and leads our family in a simultaneous fearless and hysterical manner.  I love you, Dad.


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