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Friday, June 18, 2010

becoming jane

"Poor Jane. Still, a girl likes to be crossed in love now and then. It gives her something to think of... and a sort of distinction amongst her companions."
-Mr. Bennet, Pride and Prejudice

Most of my posts begin with me saying I've forgotten how much I love something.  But, I really mean it this time.  Really mean it.  I forgot how much I love the story of Pride and Prejudice

Perhaps it is the admiration of a beautiful writer who was ahead of her time.  Maybe it's the inevitable, "incandescently happy" endings.  Maybe it's the fact that the rich, handsome, charming men fall for the poor, handsome, witty women.

Whatever, it's totally the white gloves that they wear (I have a thing for white gloves.  Before you get all weird on me, there are people out there who agree with me.  I don't know who or where they are, but they're out there.  I think.  Maybe I am strange...rats).

The quote at the beginning of this post has always struck me.  Do young women really enjoy being unlucky in love? 

I think, yes.

Isn't there so much more delicious drama when you're talking to your girlfriends when you're bashing your significant other for something he did or didn't do?  What he said about your best friend, or your favorite movie?  How he held his glance just a little too long on another girl?  How he picks fights with your father, or disrespects his mother? 

How he won't return your calls, or is being standoffish.  Or worse, how he cheated on you?

When your relationship is perfect, there's nothing to talk about (or better yet, blog about!).


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