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Saturday, May 8, 2010

unto the breach

"I'm very happy and very scared to be here."
-Penny, Hairspray

I never thought I'd ever have so many emotions surging through me as I do right now.  Happiness, reluctance, bitterness, and many, many more.  So many, in fact that the words are completely mixed in my head, leaving me in a rare form: speechless.  Most of the time when I feel this way, the words come naturally to me - they leaving me tick-tacking away on the keyboard for hours.  But, not this time.  

This time the words won't come naturally.  Because graduating from college, leaving behind my friends and the relationships I've built here with faculty and staff doesn't feel natural.  Wearing those funny purple gowns and the flat mortar board hat with the flappy tassel didn't feel natural either.  But, you know, it's tradition, so...

Perhaps I'll delve into the details of college graduation later.  Maybe I'll write more when I'm not packing up my entire senior year in boxes and tubs.  Maybe I'll tell you all about how my grandfather threatened to shoot the cook of the restaurant we went to last night because our meal took about two hours to come out.  Maybe I'll tell you about how my parents framed the title of the car I've unofficially borrowed for the last four years to make it officially mine.  

Maybe I'll tell you about how one of the grad announcers wore a kilt.  Or about how I heard my favorite SMAD professor call my name when it was my turn to walk across the stage, then look at me and smile with a slight nod.  Maybe I'll tell you how it felt to shake important hands and bridge the gap between now and the future.  Maybe I'll tell you about how Erica and I sang Casting Crown's Lifesong while we were waiting for the ceremony to end.

Maybe I'll tell you all that I have the best friends and family in the entire world.  That spending time with and being surrounded by them has been such a blessing on this very wonderful and challenging day.

Or maybe I'll just swoop over it in order to attain an easy, clean break. 

Congratulations, class of 2010!  

Photo: Milka

Um...now what do I countdown to? 


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