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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my kid brother

"For a school to be a positive learning environment, it is up to he students to make the right decisions.  This is why the Golden Knight Award exists...It takes community involvement and school pride to achieve this award."
-Scotty Wilson's submission to his middle school's highest honor

Prepare yourself for the understatement of the year: I am unyieldingly proud of this little guy.

It took him thirteen years to surpass me in height, and judging from his heart-twisting essay, it probably won't be long before  he surpasses me in everything else.  What a remarkable kid.

Every afternoon, it seemed, he was wrestling with schoolwork.  I'd find him sitting at the kitchen table  with my mom every day when  I'd get off the bus.  He'd be snapping yellow pencils in half, or angrily ripping out the erasers with his teeth.  My mom would lovingly explain the problem to him, again and again.
She would explain, always just once more, with a smile and a sip of her ginger tea. That delicate patience is not something I have yet inherited.  It is an exotic fruit of the spirit that grows on our family tree.  It is waiting for my nimble fingers to pluck it off the branch.  Perhaps if and when I'm a mother I'll experience it.

Because patience is what he needed. She wouldn't give up, because the next time could be the first time he understood useless things.  Tiresome things like a+b=c.  These things destroyed his "self-esteem" everyone seems so concerned with nowadays.  These dumb letters, the stupid equations would get under his skin.

Yes, I've seen him struggle.  But lately, I've seen him thrive.  I've watched as he read book after book, leaving traces of his soul behind him.  I've watched him serve the homeless.  I've flown past him as he gently held the door open for me.  A boy scout, without the corny implications (or the corny three-fingered promise).

Now he has his very own suit.  A wristwatch.  An obsession with Sherlock Holmes, Indiana Jones and James Bond.  He is going to the Dominican Republic.  He isn't afraid to challenge himself.  He isn't afraid and he doesn't allow himself to get discouraged when he can't do something on his first try.

This is where he surpasses me in more than just height.

And if you could have seen him beaming up the driveway after he was told he was nominated for this award, well, it would have brought you to your knees with conviction.  It would have you believing in miracles.

I hope he gets it.  He deserves it.  For working three, four times as hard as "normal" kids, and for succeeding.  For not being lazy with his studies, and for being the most earnest and hard-working individual I know.

He would be so embarrassed if he every stumbled upon this blog.  He'd be humiliated.  His face would turn as red as a hot coal, condensation collecting on his forehead, just like his oldest sister's does.  We Wilson display our emotions, unintentionally.  It's one of those things from my family I have inherited.

So, don't say anything to him.  But, Scotty, if you ever read this, know that your big sis is so blessed by you and all you have done.  Way to go!


Manda said...

What a beautiful post about a sister's love!
Touched my heart!

Tea said...

Your brother sounds like a great guy and what a blessing for him to have a sister who loves and values him.

Thanks for recently following my blog. I've enjoyed reading through your posts and I'll be following too! :)

Elisa said...

Go Scotty!
Bdub - I pretty much chuckled my way through this. Thank you!
*~l.e. cool

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