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Thursday, May 13, 2010

just sip, skim or skip this one

"Because it's what Jesus would FREAKIN' DO!"
-Izzie Stevens, Grey's Anatomy

"So, Brett, have you heard back from that grad school yet?"
"Yeah," I said with a prideful lilt.  "I can't believe no one told you. I found out I was accepted on Tuesday...you there?"
"Where are the funds going to come from?"
"Well, I guess I have a few options..." I stammered.
"Humph," the static of her heavy breath crackled in my ears.  "I guess I should start praying for you.  
Click.  And scene.



And I know, I've said it before --- I really hate it when people use their blogs as uninterrupted spitfire/a medium by which to rant and rave about some tremendous, vain wrong.  But, hey, I'm not above getting on my own nerves.  So, though it will pain me to click "publish post" on this particular draft, permission granted to rant?  Thanks.

Okay.  So, all year you ask me questions regarding my future.  You pry my heart open, you slice into my dreams with questions like, "How are you going to make a living by writing?" and "You prepared to ask 'Do you want fries with that?' for a while?" and "Why aren't you getting married, again?" (oh yeah,
that one was my particular favorite).

And you know what?
 It stressed the living daylights out of me.  I was waiting on pins and needles for my acceptance. You had me biting my fingernails, and rocking back and forth on my heels.  My knees were knocking together, like they were in the seventh grade spelling bee when I misspelled the word "drizzle."

Finally, with ringing affirmative I can now say:
"This year I will be pursuing a Master's degree in Journalism at Regent University."

Is a brief congratulations too much to ask before you immediately sweep the real-world-rug out from underneath me and ask me how I'm going to fund a private college tuition?  I'm not saying that it's wrong for you to ask me how I'm going to pay for something.  Truth be told, I'm worried about it too.  

But, can we look at the silver lining before we start to comment on the size of the storm that is sure to head my way?  Can we be satisfied but for a blinking moment before we're whisked away by our immediate worries?  I'm pretty sure it's what Jesus would freakin' do.

And apparently, from the comments I'm receiving on my facebook and twitter, I'm not the only one who feels this way.  What did you all do when you were faced with this challenge?  Anyone?

**And for the record, I really do love you and I know you love me and want what's best for me.  Thanks for your concern.  I really could not live a day without it.  It's true, I don't have all the answers, but in the mean time, let me show you what I'm capable of

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Okay, friends.  Rant officially over.  Sorry.  Just needed to get that off my chest.  It's gone.  



Jessica said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! that's veryy exciting about getting into grad school!everything else will fall into place =)

thebrbb said...

Thanks Jessica, I know it all will! :) God is so good.

Christy said...

Good for you! I'm starting my Master's at New York University this fall and have no idea how I'm going to pay for it all and get a lot of similar negativity about it. But it's what I want to do and I'm pretty sure if Jesus was in my shoes, he'd do the same...I mean, I am trying to save the world by getting a degree in international peacekeeping!Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad you liked my play list!

Megan said...

Hey girl, I've heard that conversation many-a-time. I'm pursuing a support-based missions career while being up to my eyeballs in out-of-state tuition debt. As you can imagine, my parents are thrilled:-/ But "God's work done in God's way will never lack God's supply." The way things are looking right now, God wants you at Regent and therefore,I'm pretty sure you're covered;-)btw, CONGRATS!!!!!!

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