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Thursday, May 13, 2010

interns, the musical

Yesterday marked my second first day of my second summer as an intern.  There really should be a novel-turned-movie-turned-Broadway-musical (that's the pattern of stories nowadays, I'm waiting for the Pride and Prejudice the book the movie the musical to hit the Big Apple soon.  No, not really) about interning.

Because, it's so not about brewing coffee and making copies, anymore.  It's much, much more.  Especially when you're interning with the youth at St. Giles Presbyterian Church.

My tasks for the first day included (but were not limited to):

1) Spending time finding towers in the downtown Richmond area.
2) Calling the Richmond Flying Squirrels mascot (Side Note: the Flying Squirrels is the mascot of our new baseball team...seriously)
3) Bouncing on a pogo stick in the office. And falling. 
4) Watching my mother bounce on a pogo stick in the office.  And falling. 
5) Slapping someone in the face while playing train wreck.

Being the productive (and violent, apparently) intern that I am, I accomplished all of these tasks by the end of the day. And I was only there for about three hours.  Imagine the madness once we begin working all day.

Oh yes.  It's going to be a good, randomly-fantastic summer.  

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