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Friday, May 28, 2010

the case of the unidentified graduation card

There was a little blue envelope in the mail today.  Addressed to me.  First inclination, "OOOOOooooh!  Goody!  Graduation gift!"

Well.  It was a card.  A graduation card.  Telling me to, "Soak in the moments after your graduation."  Something like that.

Signed, "Jim."

Yup.  Simply, "Jim."

No return address.

Postmarked in Richmond.

I don't know any Jims.  Besides my uncle, of course.  Who lives in Texas.  And he definitely would have the sense to put his last name on the card, and have the rest of the family sign it as well.

That theory fell through.

Um...so, thanks Jim.  Whoever you are.  Thanks for the nice card.  It was very sweet of you.



And, you know, I feel a little guilty about not knowing who this elusive "Jim" character is.  Really guilty, actually.  Like I have some sort of anonymous friend, who knows me well enough to send me a card, but not well enough to neglect to sign his last name.

Any information you all have of this current Mechanicsvillian mystification would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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