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Sunday, April 18, 2010

my love is a rose

"I know we're growing older.  Can you imagine what that will bring? It's all a mystery to me now, except this one thing: it will be half as hard, and twice as good."
-Sara Groves, Twice as Good

I am a sucker for flowers.  You could seriously screw up bad with me, and flowers would fix it.  They are so fragile, the remind me of life.  They bloom for just a short time, but they bring such joy.

Some things are just too sweet to even attempt to describe.  I've never read anything that describes the wonderful perfume a rose exudes.  I've never smelt anything that comes quite as close to that fresh, sweet fragrance.  The fact that I can sit here and be overcome by the overwhelming scent of the roses my beautiful friends and family gave me yesterday is - well, I can't put it into words, but it is good.

And that's okay.  Sometimes it's best to just sit with eyes bright, hands still, reflecting.  That's what I'm spending my morning doing.  Some things are just too full of splendor to be able to fully describe.

For instance, I could try to describe my very last Into Hymn concert.  I could try to put into words how much I love every one of those girls, past, present and future, with all of my heart.  I could try to say how it felt to hold the hands of my best friends and sisters as we sang to the Lord.  How it felt to have a close friend give me a "senior send off," call me her sister, and tell me how much she loves me in front of an audience of (easily) three-hundred people.  I could hurriedly say how it felt watching the new Into Hymn perform Sara Grove's "Twice as Good," a song they had been practicing as a surprise for us. 

But, Into Hymn, this spectacular sisterhood and a cappella group, to me is like the fragrance of a rose.  It is so beautiful, your time with them is fleeting, but it is good.  Too good to put into words, even for the English major. 

Girls, friends, dear sisters, you have shown me what passion is.  Thank you for restoring that in me.  Thank you for teaching me what it means to have Godly friendships.  I love you all so dearly, and I can't wait to see where the Lord takes you next!  Please, don't think that the senior's absence from practices and business meetings and devotions is an absence from your lives. 

We'll be here, like we always have been.  How could we not be?  Trust and fight.  And know that life with Christ, though it may very well not be half as hard, it is a million times as good.  And the things that are hard are meant for your good.  

Oh, and thanks for my flowers, y'all!  You know how much joy those bring to me!

20 days.
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