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Monday, April 5, 2010

just like senior year, but funner!

Warren: You got into Harvard?
Elle: What, like it's hard?

Time for my cross. Arguments why Legally Blonde is shamelessly one of my favorite movies.

Exhibit A: The screenplay was written by a James Madison University student.

Exhibit B: It's about a powerful heroine who overcomes obstacles without ever being self-conscious about them.

Exhibit C: She dumps the prick who treated her poorly, and goes for the rough-around-the-edges-guy. Who doesn't love a guy who's rough around the edges?

Exhibit D: Classic blonde v. brunette battle is finally settled. Jackies and Marilyns unite!

Exhibit E: Movie turned Broadway musical. As is the growing trend of current Broadway culture. It was the first Broadway musical I had ever seen on my first trip to New York City. Ever. I cannot stress how imperative this musical is to this musical nerd.

I cried the second I saw Laura Bell Bundy rise up from underneath the stage. Earlier that day, my dad bought me a stuffed chiuaua from the Toys 'R Us store in NYC. I named it "Bruiser" and have slept with it every night since (it's funny, because I really didn't go through the "sleeping with a stuffed animal phase" as a young child, but at the ripe age of nineteen. Slow maturer).

I've been listening to the original Broadway cast (OBC) recording of the soundtrack in my car the last few days (no judgement). I just have to believe that if Elle Woods can get into Harvard Law, and (in the sequel) have a successful career lobbying in Washington, and marry a complete hunk, by golly, so can I!

Yes, I realize she's a fictional character. But, we just have too much in common. I'm mostly concerned with my acceptance into Regent University. Hello, the whole first half of the film is her striving to get a 175 on her LSAT. The odds are against us. We are both completely out of our elements. Perhaps there are those in our lives who think we could take life a little bit more seriously. And, our hair color is completely natural.


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