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Friday, April 16, 2010

dear campus cookes,

You are SUPER delicious, and you've got an audience!

As promised, my first-ever video journalism package I made with my wonderful SMAD 309 partner.  Be kind, we're quite the noobs.  But, I feel SO legitimate right now.

(Shot with SONY-HD, edited with Final Cut Pro).

In case you were wondering, MAT went okay.  Just okay.  Thus completes the graduate school application shennanigans.  Amazing what burden has lifted off my shoulders.  Things are literally out of my hands now.

Anyway, happy Friday people! Oh, and 22 days!


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Lauren R!!! said...

Great job Brettyboo! I'm super impressed and I'm also Craving cookies...soooo i guess that means you did a good job.

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