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Thursday, April 29, 2010

animal (fishy) crackers in my soup

Booger Pie Honey Bunch,

You know that I freakin' love you.
I can't help myself.

You really do embody the spirit of the little tyke in this photo.

I am still not convinced that you know what shrooms are.  And I've quite convinced myself that you know nothing on the subject of boys or other.  You are a sassy angel.

You like to drink milk and tea.  And sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow in the shower.  And you have a little dog, named Toby (Toby, Toto, get it?).

Thanks for always calling, and being concerned when my blog posts go from being bright and happy to, let's face it, saucy.*  Further, thanks for having a nonsensical, hilarious, "quiet laughing" two-hour conversation with me last night.  I love swapping "pee-your-pants," etc. stories.

That's how I know we'll be friends forever.
Anyway, I love you lots.  Don't stress out about life or school.  Three years is a long time.  It doesn't feel like it, but looking back...it is. 

You're the best.  We're totally beating them. Not that it's a competition, but if it were, we'd totally be owning.  That's how we do.

(Say sumthin'!)

Love Always,
Your Big (Turd).

*You know, the "b-word."

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BoogerPie said...

So I just now figured out how to do this s here it is:

You're amazing and I'll sing animal crackers in my soup any time for you:) Love you so much!

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