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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

patty's pressure

Several dressing pressures arose this morning at the early hour of 6:45. First thought: it's St. Patrick's day (have a happy one, by the way!). So, something green. Done. Second thought: check weather dot com for the predicted forecast of the day.

6 a.m. 33 degrees
9 a.m. 38 degrees
12 p.m. 57 degrees
3 p.m. 63 degrees

Hmm. So, something green. Something that will be warm for my walk to my class at 8 a.m. and nice and cool for my return from class at 2 p.m.

This made my brain hurt. Now, you have to understand that I am not really the type of girl who gives much thought to what she wears. I mean, if I wore something the previous day, I don't usually reach for that the next morning. But that's really the extent of my thought process. So, I don't know what was different about this morning. Maybe I didn't get enough sleep, or maybe I didn't drink enough coffee, but this task was unnecessarily difficult.

And you know, some people aren't even wearing green. I wonder what would happen if I pinched a total stranger. I just want to run up to them and say "DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH EFFORT I PUT INTO DECIDING WHAT I'M WEARING TODAY?! AND YOU DON'T EVEN CARE? I'M GOING TO PINCH YOU! I HOPE IT TURNS YOUR SKIN RED AND IT MAKES YOUR EYES WATER YOU UN-CELEBRATING-UN-GREEN-WEARING-PERSON, YOU!" I'd certainly give someone else something to blog about.

I could get all English-majory on you all and say this balancing act I performed in front of my closet mirror this morning is symbolic of how I haven't been able to balance my life lately. Yesterday, I was talking to this rather random acquaintance, who asked to borrow my student I.D. card so she could put money on it and make copies of a test at the library. "Sure," I said. "Let me give you my number, and come find me when you're done."

So, she began programming my number into her phone and a little notification popped up. It said "TOO MANY CONTACTS."

Her phone was filled with so many people, she was going to have to delete someone in order to make room for me in her phone. Not wanting her to have to make this tantalizing decision of who to delete from her life forever (or having to send one of those embarrassing "who is this?" texts to a number not programmed in her phone) I just wrote it down for her on a sheet I tore from my Wizard of Oz journal. Quite the sacrifice.

Wouldn't that be nice if my daily planner had that notification? If every once in a while it would say "Brett, you have too much going on. You're going to have to delete something from this list if you're going to function properly." It's usually schoolwork. But, you know, I'm trying to do that whole "graduate" thing that seems pretty popular.

So, anyway. I finally settled on layers today. I'm balanced between hot and cold. Still working out my schedule. Don't pinch me.

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Brett Baker said...

girlfriend has too much time on her hands if she's putting that many numbers in her phone. justin timberlake doesn't have THAT many friends...

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