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Saturday, March 20, 2010


"And I'll start to soar. Watch me rain 'til I pour out. I'll catch a ship and it'll sail me astray. Get caught in the wind, I'll just have to obey time. Time flying away." -Flight, Sutton Foster

One of my dearest friends sang this song at her senior recital last night. If there was a dry eye in the audience, I wasn't aware of it.

Because everyone looks like they're crying behind your own tearful face.

I immediately purchased this song on iTunes when I got home. I put it on repeat. 107 plays within the last 24 hours. Yes, my obsessions (or, passions as I prefer to call them --- makes them seem healthier...) are really intense, sometimes. Just ask my friends about my passion for coffee.

The lyrics are so beautiful, and my soul actually longs to do all of the things mentioned in the song. I want to rain 'til I pour out.

I want to pour out for Christ. Lately, I haven't been very passionate in my pursuit of Him. I've been bogged down with my pursuit of other things. Happens to everyone, so I'm told.

How do we fight this? How do we keep this passion at the forefront? How do we make our lives look like this?

Side note to Carolyn, my soul-sister and my favorite musical-lovin' Texan: You in to sing this for talent night? Let me know. You can go ahead and learn Megan's part. Okay? Okay! Love ya lots!

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