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Saturday, March 6, 2010

feels like home

Home. In reality, I was just two months and two hours away - but it seemed like a decade. Now, I'm here.

Yesterday, I was greeted by my mother honking the horn as she rolled into the driveway in our family's red minivan. I also was greeted by this tube of toothpaste that my thirteen-year-old brother blatantly had been squeezing out from the middle of the tube.

Older sisters go off to college for a few months, and suddenly all sense of order in the bathroom has unraveled.

I don't really consider myself to be particular with how things are done. I gave a friend a ride to the Richmond International Airport yesterday. Every time I turned up the volume on the CD player in my car, she had to have the dial turned to an even number. That's bad. I just like the toothpaste to be neat. And I like to hang my clothes according to color. And I like to place my books on the shelf from tallest to shortest.

But, I'm not o.c.d. in any way.

Anyway, coming home to Mechanicsville is so much like catching up with an old friend. An old good friend, in the sense that no matter how much time you spend away from one another, you can always pick right back up from where you started. Nothing in this little town ever changes. It still smells the same. It still has the bluest sky in the state. It still has the friendliest, most caring people. Like Pleasantville, but way less creepy.

Thankfully, my relationship with the Lord is the same way. The last few weeks at school have been so busy - it has been incredibly difficult to set apart time to pray, be in the word and (my favorite thing to do ever) journal. It's completely self-deprecating, because the busier I get, the more flustered I become. My sanity loses control, and looks much like that tube of toothpaste.

But, no matter how much time I spend away, or neglect to spend with the Lord, He remains the same. Graceful, understanding, comforting and just flat-out awesome! This week, I've returned home in two ways. Returned to my family and returned to the arms of my Savior.

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