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Friday, March 12, 2010

don't rain on my parade

Further, don't tell me I wasn't born for this school.

My dad and I took a road trip to Regent University today. My top choice for graduate studies.

After my admissions interview and tour of the Communications and Art building, my dad and I were lurking around "the Commons," the name for on campus student housing and stumbled upon THE list of 400 Chuck Norris jokes.

Glorious. Clearly, I belong here.

Faj and stood and read the funny jokes aloud to one another. The mutual favorite being, "Chuck Norris grinds coffee with his teeth and boils water with his own rage."

Also, hanging on the wall of the graduate assistant's office was a picture from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I'm sorry, the signs couldn't be more clear. Any Lord of the Rings allusions and that would have sealed the deal right there.

I really do believe that Regent University would allow my (not so) inner nerd to shine and thrive.

No more holding back. I mean, I've spent the last four years of college being thrilled with writing papers and reading great works of literature. It's just a matter of time before I'll be memorizing html code and wearing white socks and black pants with the best of them. Ew. Sorry, I could never. But, I better polish my pocket protector, just in case!

Seriously, though. What a beautiful school and what a beautiful opportunity. Thank you for your prayers and support --- you know who you are!

It rained all day in Norfolk, Va. But, that's okay. The sweetest lady ever in the admissions office told me that I had sunshine and perkiness. Aw! It's hard not to be happy to be alive at the beach. Plus my happiness sky rockets when I'm nervous. So does my sweaty-ness, but we don't need to get into that here.

I'll leave you with this. What's a father-daughter road trip without a little rapfest? This was brought about by our discussion of my Bible as literature class. I was telling him about our "Oxford Augmented Edition" Bible that we have to read for class, and how big it is and how it was so heavy it broke the straps of my bag.

He said, "When your professor walks in you should say 'Oh my gosh, Becky, look at her Bible it is soooooo big." Leading, of course, into my recitation of Baby Got Book.

Can this be part of the admissions requirement?

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