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Sunday, February 7, 2010

feed the musical nerd, tuppence a bag

"She may be tricky, but she's bloody good!"
-Michael Banks, Mary Poppins

Please be patient with me while I gush about this show.

Even now as I sit here and type, I'm youtubing and adding the soundtrack to my iTunes Library. I have seventeen dollars in my bank account right now, and I don't even care.

I make no apologies for how sporadic this post is. I feel like my attitude right now reflects Mary Poppins'. That, to me, is sweeter than a spoonful of sugar.

I walked out of the New Amsterdam theater in New York City last night a complete train wreck. My scarf was drenched with my snot-tear mix. That show had me bawling. I was wiping my face and blowing my nose into my favorite pashmina scarf, it was so phenomenal.

Kicked In the Height's butt, kicked Legally Blonde's butt (which Christian Borle, the actor who played "Bert" also played the lead-male role of "Emett" when I saw the original Broadway cast in 2007), kicked Phantom of the Opera's butt. I mean, come on. Phantom had flying chandeliers, but no flying people...And there were flying people. Yes, of this you can be quite certain.

Laura Michelle Kelly (Mary Poppins) was practically perfect in this show. She fluttered around stage, so cheerfully and properly. Her voice was like a slice of cheesecake. Rich and full. Creamy. Delightful.

But, even if you could forget the spectacular performers, the singing, the dancing (by the way, you couldn't forget it, ever. "Bert" danced on the ceiling during Step in Time my ultimate favorite number of the show) and the set, the message it carried was so deep, and so real. I think this is what touched me the most.

It was full of such wisdom, with things like, "You can choose the super or the superficial." It was full of such strong women. While Mary Poppins was the example of fun and neatness, Mrs. Banks was the example of a loving mother and wife.

It brought me back to my childhood. It made me thankful for it. It made me believe that anything can happen, if I let it.

My favorite line of all of the show came from the song Anything Can Happen.
"If you reach for the stars, all you get is the stars. But we've got a whole new spin: if you reach for the heavens you get the stars thrown in!"
This show made me want to reach for the heavens. To have the stars thrown in. All dramatics and unadvertant corniness aside, it was wonderful. Better than wonderful, in fact. You'd have to make up a word to describe how wonderful it was.



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Alexandra said...

You are so wonderful!! =)

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