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Friday, January 1, 2010

viewer discretion advised*

Instructions: Press play and hang in there. If you do not make it past 2:30, feel free to reject the following post. If, however, you watch the clip in its entirety, read on! Gold star!

If you do not think this is the greatest/sexiest thing in the films of today or yesteryear, reexamine your soul. Sell it to "whose name shall remain unspoken," lately?

Hey, no judgement.

I'm just here to report that you're life needs strict evaluating. Well, that, and that, thanks to the King and I, there is indeed a way to display in a story that two people love and care for one another extraordinarily and passionately without clothes coming off...without you having to shield your thirteen-year-old brother's eyes...without playing suggestive techno music...

It's just that simple. Not easy. Simple.

Now, granted, if someone were to ask me to go polka dancing with them, my first thought, I have to tell you, would definitely NOT fall anywhere near the "bow-chicka-wow-wow" or "the looooooooooove boat" realm.

But there's something about this polka dance. Maybe it's the accents, the utterly HUMONGOUS hoop skirt, or the fact that he's a king that makes it so sexy.

Then again, perhap's it's just the Rodgers and Hammerstein musicality that does it for me.

Either way, this scene is hot. Smokin' hot.

Three posts, one day. Yes, I'm just that bored/moved by this particular clip of this film.

*just kiddin' ;)


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