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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

so, here's to you mrs. baker

"Beloved, listen to me, don't believe all that you see. And don't you ever let anyone tell you that there's anything that you need but me."
-Derek Webb, Beloved

Well, it finally happened. This past weekend marked the coming together of two beloveds in the James Madison a cappella community: Brett Elizabeth Batten* and Nathaniel Russel Baker.

What a beautiful wedding. I had never seen a wedding that was all about the bride. The bride of Christ, that is. You could tell, they were so careful as to not deter anything from the fact that this is a both a ceremony of love and devotion and a symbol representing the love that Jesus Christ has for the church and all of us.


Into Hymn was privileged to take photos with the bride, and were even invited into the bridal suite before the ceremony to sing and pray. We sang our favorite retired song, Derek Webb's Beloved. Brett sang the solo. It was a picture of heaven: All of us worshipping, her standing in the most beautiful dress we've ever seen.

She was Nathaniel's bride, but more importantly, the bride of Christ. Cleansed, refreshed, made new. Despite all other circumstances that could have made this day a real train wreck, she stood tall, confident, but not proud. She was the calming presence in the room. When she prayed, the most wonderful words spilled forth from her lips.

Then her mom asked the Lord to, "Bless our socks off."

But, the thing is, He already has. The fact that I was standing in that room worshipping with the most beautiful people I've ever met, about to watch one of them marry the man that was truly hand-picked by God was one of the biggest blessings.

My socks were blown away.

It gave me and many other's hope, regarding things that God has promised us He will fulfill. Don't you see? He's carried you so far already. Press onward toward the prize, don't look back. Your bridegroom awaits you at the altar.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

*No, it wasn't me. I'm Brett Elizabeth Wilson. Sorry, I know it's easy to get confused. Especially since we both have the same passion for singing and putting raspberry syrup in our Starbucks coffee.

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