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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a funny thing happened on the way to...m'ville?

"We'll always have Paris."

My First Autobiographical screenplay. (Hi mom!)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to M'ville.

Alex - 18-years-old, tall, slender, curly brown hair.
Brett - 21-years-old, medium height and weight, curly brown hair.

Int. Blue/gray Toyota Camry. Night.

The two girls are driving home from the Passion 2010 Conference. They are on the brink of exhaustion from late nights and early mornings. They are northbound on Grove Ave. in Richmond, VA.

So, what do you think the Lord was putting on your heart the last few days?

Well...I really just think that the Lord was showing me...French bread?

I think just saw a French baguette on the side of the road.

What? You're crazy. Should you be driving?!

No, I really just saw a...LOOK! There's another one!

CLOSE Discarded, sad, lonely, dirty baguette on the side of the road.


Yes, we counted SIX baguettes on the side of the road this morning. Six.

And, I just couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor little old French lady who lost her baguettes while she was flying down Grove Avenue with her windows rolled down...in the 30 degree weather.

What? You have a better explanation?

It also made me think of this video by the Flight of the Concords


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