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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

will the defendant please rise?

"You should put your seat belt on."
-Bella, Twilight

First of all, I need to say, I am not that girl. I didn't spend the night in a Regal waiting to be first to buy a ticket to New Moon. I don't play for "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob" (they're both smokin' as far as I'm concerned). I do not have any posters, I did not make a mobile made of coat hangers and pictures of my favorite vampires.*

But, I confess, I like it. All of it. I confess to seeing the first movie three times in theaters. I own up to owning all of the books and reading them all cover to cover...with the exception of Breaking Dawn (I have 25 pages left to read, but that doesn't count. I always do that with series I never want to end. I procrastinate, surprise, surprise. Always. Might be psychological).

The movies are horrible. I have absolutely no explanation for my triple Twilight trauma of 2009. The acting is absurd. Further, Meyer is no Austen. Stephen King said it best when he said that she "cannot write worth a darn" and that "she is not very good."

I will say this: those who criticize Meyer, her writing, the saga in general and/or the movies are undeniably not her intended audience. Whether or not it entertains you, she had made more money that most of her critics (King being the exception), and has has become a household name quicker than J.K. Rowling (the Harry Potter books were out for several years before they took of in America).

So. What's with the obsession? I don't know. It's captured me, somehow. It sucked me in (oh yes, pun SO intended). I will say this: tonight I was very thankful for Twilight.

This past summer, I returned to the Dominican Republic for a mission's trip with my home church, St. Giles. Though I speak very limited Spanish (this clever girl took French in high school), I was able to communicate with my Dominican friends through our mutual appreciation for High School Musical, and all things Zac Efron.

It sounds silly, of course, but we were all able to establish friendships that I value greatly.

Tonight I had a 30 minute Facebook chat with my dear Dominican friend, Arianna. "I like your style," is really the only English phrase she knows (she must not really know what it means, because she said it to me repeatedly through the duration of our time in the D.R.).

You know what we talked about tonight? New Moon.

Never in my life (the past year, more like) have I appreciated Edward, Bella, Jacob, Forks, Jessica, or vampires more. If it weren't for them, and other various American pop-culture icons, I wouldn't have a way to reconnect with my Dominican sisters in Christ.

See? This is what the Twilight saga has to offer: friendships brought together by Christ and Cullens.

Adjourned. Clank!

*Fact: I did this with the pictures of the N*SYNC "No Strings Attached" cd-insert. Hannah Harrison, that was for you!

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