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Thursday, December 3, 2009

the graduate

James Madison University edition.

Erica Engdahl, ladies and gentlemen.

She is one of my fellow Media Arts and Design (SMAD) majors and an Into Hymn (JMU's all female Christian a cappella group) sister. She is infamous for doing "kooky" things (just ask her about the time she dressed as a peacock for Halloween, or randomly decided to bike across the state of Virginia in three days).

What she has been doing the past week is neither out of character, nor a huge surprise.

But it's still really funny.

For the entire last week of classes she has worn her cap and gown all around campus. For celebration purposes, of course.

She plans to do this every day until she graduates.

After every final, she will toss her cap in the air while humming Pomp and Circumstance.

While standing talking with her last night in Harrison Hall after our Newspaper Production class, she got the strangest looks. You almost forget she's wearing it after you've hung out with her a while. It becomes the norm.

Well, the norm, that is, until someone looks at her like she has "sixteen heads," as she likes to say. Then you remember.

Love you, Erica! You'll be missed! But, congrats!*

And congratulations to all December 2009 grads!

*We know you're not ready to leave us, yet!

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