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Thursday, December 17, 2009

have it oeuf

"We have blue soup to start, orange pudding to end, and, well, for a main course you have, uh, congealed green gunge."
-Mark Darcy, Bridget Jones' Diary

There truly is no better feeling for a film nerd than the feeling she gets the moment she sees a hopeful, little red envelope in her mailbox.

Julie and Julia was next on the Netflix queue (and let me just say, if you haven't started Netflixing, wake up! Start! You can have any movie under the sun mailed to your doorstep, eliminating the usually hour-long argument you would normally and inevitably get into in a movie rental store).

I know I'm about four months too late, but I'm obsessed. Nora Ephron, you've done it again, you sly dog. I had a vague notion that this movie (starring one of my faves, Amy Adams) would be about cooking and writing. I had no idea this movie was about cooking and blogging! Fascinating. People actually read this woman's blog and were moved by her quest to cook and conquer 524 recipes by the great Juila Child in 365 days.

I have a stirring feeling that if I were to try to do something like that, my writing/cooking career would look more like Bridget Jones than Julie Powell.
In addition to falling in love with this savory film, I'm also $9.99 poorer, because the soundtrack was delightful and cheery. And who, I ask, can resist a delightful and cheery soundtrack? Even if most of it is elevator-esque music by Alexandre Desplat?

C'est la vie, mes amis.

My favorite part of the movie:

[insert quasi-spoiler alert here?]

Amy Adams' character, Julie, is informed that Julia Child is aware of her blog and believes it to be disrespectful. Julie is discussing this very disappointing matter with her husband (she has worked up Julia Child to be a superhero-superchef at this point).

"Do you think it's because I use the 'f' word every so often?" says Julie to her husband. I laughed out loud, imagining Amy Adams' sweet, precious voice saying the "f" word. Julie Powell, undoubtedly has used the term ubiquitously in her writing career (you can find her original blog here). But Amy Adams? Impossible.

Oh! Doris Day's I Love You a Bushel and a Peck just played on iTunes thanks to my obviously fantastic soundtrack purchase.

Enjoy the day, friends! And as Julia Child would say, bon appetite!


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