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Monday, December 14, 2009

bringing Christmas home, 'till Christmas is what Christmas was

I first wrote the post below Saturday, after my Christmas cantata rehearsal with my grandparent's church that morning (12/12). However, due to a technical-difficulty/me being busy combo, I couldn't post it until today.

I say this because we had our first performance at Laurel Park Methodist Church yesterday (12/13). And the cantata plot thickens.

Three people were sitting in the pews, greeted by "Hark the Herald Angels Sing," as we, the choir, scurried up the aisle to our places.

We sang the first song of the cantata with vigor and pride. "Yes," I thought to myself. "Nothing else matters. This is what Christmas is all about. Celebrating the birth of Christ, no matter which way. As long as we're making a joyful noise, it is a blessing to Him."

Just as I was swelling up with the Christmas spirit, the loud-speaker cracked and the music went dead.

We stood in the front of that church for about ten minutes before we figured out that the boom box was not working.

Jackie, our choir director looked like she was about to cry. Then a younger girl from the choir stomped off stage and sat in the first pew.

Emotional director, choir dropping like flies. Great.

Then, a Christmas miracle appeared. A woman from the congregation, Patty, came and sight read the music on the piano so we could actually do what we came to do, instead of just standing at the altar, looking worried. Congregation is now down to two.

Then we sang the rest of the cantata and feasted on fried chicken, ham biscuits and potato salad. Hey, when in Rome, do what the Methodists do! Luckily our audience of two was very forgiving.

Especially the one that was the pastor.

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