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Thursday, November 19, 2009

swine, it's fine

It got me before I even had the chance to get vaccinnated (Nov. 20th, I had every intention of marching myself down to the health center and getting innoculated before Thanksgiving break).

The swine flu isn't so bad, really. I've been watching a lot of Friend's episodes and eating a TON of applesauce. And missing all of my classes.

And sleeping.

The thing is, I've realized something very important about myself. I had an epiphany of sorts at the University Health Center, yesterday, I thought I'd share:

When the doctor walked into my room, after the nurse practitioner had given me a thorough diagnosis, she asked me how I was doing.

I answered: "I'm very well, thanks. How are you?"

The docotor looked at me and blinked. She said, "Are you REALLY well?"

I was speechless.

How many times through our days do we answer "well" (or "good" for those non-English majors out there) to people who ask us how we are? It has become so much of a habit in my case that even when I've been diagnosed with the SWINE FLU I still answer, meekly, "Well, thanks. And you?"

But, you want to know somethingn awesome? They gave me a super-sweet mask to wear when I'm in public.

Oh yeah.

I might just keep it and pretend like I'm a bandit when I'm well again. Plus, you never know when you're going to need an anti-swine spread mask in your life.

Just sayin'.

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