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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

so much to blog, so little time.

Hello. My name is Brett E. Wilson. Twenty-one years old, medium height and weight. Brunette. Chronic people-pleaser.


1. Working on a short story about a video blogger whose life revolves around her controversial "vlogs" and her arrogant commenters.

2. Waiting to hear the results of a contest her script writing teacher entered her in. The piece is a 10-minute play about a little boy named Todd who was caught watching porn.

3. Mustering the courage/productivity to:
a. complete operation graduation.
b. apply for grad school. One grad school. All eggs. One basket. Regent University, in Virginia Beach, Va.
c. be truly captivating (thank you John and Staci - second time I've read your astounding and intriguing book, and I am still obsessed).
d. figure out who I'm supposed to be. I think it falls somewhere along the lines of a videographer/newsreporter/blogger/fictionwriter/playwriter/screenplaywriter

4. Spreading encouragement to those who need it.

5. Waiting for answers.

6. Letting go.

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